Bank Instruments

Bank Instruments

Investments in large and medium-sized businesses


In modern conditions of the world market, for effective development and competitiveness, business needs financing, crediting and sufficient investments on favorable terms.

Bitcap Gruppe is one of the world’s largest investment companies, offering a large selection of global fund and mutual funds, ETFs, advice, and related services.

Even during the pandemic, we have the opportunity and intention to invest in medium and large businesses.

If you have a project, an operating business with high profitability, and you want to develop the business, modernize and/or scale it, and you are looking for an investment – we are glad to welcome you as a client and partner of Bitcap Gruppe.

Basic requirements for the project:

  1. The payback period of the project is no more than 5 years;
  2. The amount of investment from 30 million Euro;
  3. Availability of international audit of the project (or readiness to order an international audit);
  4. Willingness to ensure control of the company to the investor until the pay-back of the investment;
  5. Business plan of the project (Feasibility study);
  6. Availability of a package of permits required for the implementation of the project in the country of business;
  7. Your company has a positive experience in this area of ​​business;
  8. Availability of the applicant’s own assets for partial financial participation in the project.

Bitcap Gruppe invests in the following industrial sectors such as: Life Sciences, Media & Entertainment, Private Equity Portfolios, Technology, and Telecommunication Infrastructure, Construction and Real Estate, Mining and Natural Resources, Utility Scale Power Infrastructure, Oil & Gas, Aerospace and Defense. So also in other spheres of the economy, with well-predictable profitability. At the moment, for investments from our side, projects in the EU, USA, UK and Switzerland have an advantage.


Our primary focus is the provision of financial services including but not limited to, direct investment, debt-financing, collateralization, monetization of financial instruments, and issuance thereof