Monetization & PPP



What does it mean?
Monetization is the process of eliminating banking instruments by converting them into cash.

What we do?
The Bitcap Gruppe monetizes bank guarantees, Standby Letters of Credit or Irrevocable Documentary Letters of credit, banknotes, medium-term notes and some long-term notes from our clients.

Why do clients choose us?

The Bitcap Gruppe accepts banking instruments only through Swift, a messaging network that financial institutions use to securely transmit information and instructions through a standardized code system.

We offer profitable loan products or monetization of banking instruments. The monetary value for financing of bank instruments can be as high as 30%-85% of the nominal value of the financial instrument.

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Monetizing bank instruments

Bitcap Gruppe  monetizes an expansive range of bank instruments effectively and precisely. It monetizes such bank instruments as clients Bank Guarantees(BG), Standby Letters of Credit(SBLC) , Irrevocable Letter of Credit, Bank Draft, Medium Term Notes and some Long-Term Notes. Moreover, all with transparency you’ll find refreshing. 

So, there is no doubt that our company is  the best partner for monetizing bank instruments in the world.


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