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Wealth Management & Trust Services

Bitcap Gruppe started its activity on 03/01/1991. Today it is an investment company with a leading position in the market. We had a great opportunity to become providers, investors and business partners of several startups, which subsequently managed to show significant profits. We provide them with active support and give recommendations on raising funds in the process of developing their business. Contact us and schedule a consultation if you want to know what exactly we can do to implement your idea.

Bank Instruments

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Project Financing

Escrow Services

Welcome to The Bitcap Gruppe!

Who we are?
We are one of the few Banking Instrument Providers at Top 25 banks. We are a big team of professionals. More than 10 years on the market. Tens of billions of euros were invested by The Bitcap Gruppe.


We Are a Member of Regional Alliance of Legal Experts

Legal advice on contracts law

Bitcap Gruppe accompanies you in the realization of contracts of all type.

Contrats Law
Contract of service within a company
Employment Contract
Lease Contract
Sale Contract

Council on Inheritance law

Our lawyers advise you on inheritance as well as matrimonial law. Bitcap Gruppe makes sure to guide you to the specialist that will meet your needs and adjust your business as soon as possible.

People domiciliation

Bitcap Gruppe naturaly assists you in the domicialition process in United States, North America and European countries and also provides services attached to people domiciliation.

We offer:
Preparing your file in accordance with the canton authorities
Health insurance underwriting
Assistance in residence research
Human Services
Car purchase and registration


Investments in large and medium-sized businesses

In modern conditions of the world market, for effective development and competitiveness, business needs financing, crediting and sufficient investments on favorable terms.

Bitcap Gruppe is one of the world’s largest investment companies, offering a large selection of global fund and mutual funds, ETFs, advice, and related services.